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The University of Northampton is a public university based in Northampton, Northampton shire, England. It was formed in 1999 by the amalgamation of a number of training colleges, and gained full university status as the University of Northampton in 2005.


The University of Northampton is a designated global Change maker Campus, one of only 50 in the world, we believe anyone can make a unique contribution to creating a better world, transforming lives, and inspiring change. UON creates a positive social impact in society through the Change maker Commitments.


The University of Northampton offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD degrees. The students can choose to study subjects such as accounting and law, business management, computing, journalist, fine art, humanities, biology, geography, social science, education, and sports. At Northampton, the students can explore what is important for them and we support them to reach their ultimate goals. We deliver programs that meet the students career goals and achieve the desired targets in the future.


Bachelor's Degree Program

Come and join us for quality education from recognized and accredited University’s we are affiliated with. We can advise and suggest Universities which are flexible and the student can complete the program at one’s own pace and timeframe.  


The Bachelor’s Degree programs offered are designed for students wishing to embark on a professional career in Business Management, Finance, Marketing, HR and International Business. It will help the students to develop the management skills and knowledge, which can be applied to real-world situations within an organization under different circumstances. Students will enhance their knowledge and understanding of the various functional areas of business, including Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, and Operations Management within a global context. The students will also be equipped with skills required to be successful in business, such as entrepreneurship, digital literacy, collaborative working, and communication skills.

Courses offered under the Bachelor’s Degree Program by our Partner Universities:

Bachelor's Degree Program

The MBA Course offered through our UK based Institutions has been designed specifically for the professionals and working adults who have worked in the business for several years or are a specialist and wish to progress into a more senior level management position. This course will facilitate the students with an opportunity to work at a more fundamental level on the issues that are faced in the day to day affairs of business.


Also that if you are a recent graduate and keen to enhance growth in your career development and employment prospects, the MBA from these University’s will definitely add to your skills and competency. It offers a flexible study route and allows the students to upgrade and enhance their knowledge and management skills. Moreover it will help in formulating the areas of strategy, leadership and management theory and practice and the students will confidently able to apply in practical terms in different situations within an organization. The MBA course allows the students to top up their existing postgraduate qualification, typically through six months of full-time study.

Courses offered under the Master’s Degree Program by our Partner Universities:

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